Panford Ltd has over 50 years experience in air movement technology. With our Redwood Systems range of products we provide custom engineered solutions to your process operation, designed to match your exact requirements. In addition to designing and supplying individual fans, we design and supply turnkey systems covering areas such as industrial composting, cooling, heating, curing, drying, ventilation, pneumatic conveying, dust, fume and odour control, noise attenuation and process control systems.

The Redwood System’s Fan Range incorporates:

Centrifugal Fans:  dust, fume, odour control, cooling, heating and ventilation.

Axial Fans:   wide range of applications in the air conditioning, ventilation and general air movement industry.

High Pressure Fans:  These fans are an ideal solution for applications requiring low to medium air volumes but against high static pressure. Common uses would be in the fields of combustion air supply, pneumatic conveying, dust or liquid removal.

High Temperature and Hazardous Fume Fans:  Redwood Systems will design and supply fans for these applications, where high temperatures or acidic/alkali vapours form part of the design criteria.

Noise Attenuation:  We provide noise attenuation equipment for fans, noisy machinery etc., and can supply complete acoustic enclosures with ventilation and access.

Dust Fume and Odour Equipment

Redwood Systems manufacture and supply a complete range of dust, fume and odour control equipment.

Cyclones for product separation and recovery

 Full range of fabric filters from units suitable to for individual machines, to large central units complete with ducting systems.

 Large range of wet washers and scrubbers designed to match individual requirements and comply with current legislation.

 At source position able hoods for bench workers etc.

 Whatever your need, Redwood Systems will have the solution


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